How does your site work?

Our site pulls products from Amazon, eBay and Walmart and then as you search, displays those products from relative search terms and simultaneously displays products from each site side-by-side.  Then you can sort but lowest price, highest price or relevance to find the best deal across all platforms.

How does your email subscription work?

If you input your name and email and enter the products you are interested in and the timeframe you would like, we will send you “reminders” and our software will automatically email you say every 30 days with the lowest priced options from each site right to your email.  Then you simply click, right from your email, and you will be brought to our site and then click on which site you want to buy from.  So we remind you, you buy and it saves you even more time and money!

What products do you display or advertise?

As of now, we are focused on children products as we are trying to assist busy parents so they do not have to spend time searching various websites for the best deal.  So you will mainly find children products and information on our site but we will be expanding to pet products and staples in the near future!