About Us

Welcome to our Site!

Welcome to PriceSteer.com where it’s our mission to “Steer” you to the lowest price on the market from the top retail online sites such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart.  No more having to go to each site, sorting, sifting through various shipping methods and all the other choices offered.

How it Works!

Simply type in the product you are looking for such as “diapers” and our algorithm will display the lowest price from each of the top sites in a row for you to view and “steer” you to the best price and fit for your needs.

Then you simply click on which one you want to purchase from and it will take you to that merchant’s site to complete your purchase.

If you’d rather sort by say “category” or some other variable, you can do that as well but again, our goal is to “steer” you to the lowest option of the various websites so you can save time and get the best value.

No Log In Needed!

No log in required, feel free to test us out and search for any item you like and see how it works.  We are in MVP mode so we may not carry the millions of products that all of these sites carry but we do carry the most important ones for parents and those busy and the ones in hot demand right now.  After the year everyone has had, we are just trying to make your life easier and get you the best deal while saving you time!

Subscribe to Make Life Easier!

In addition to simply searching, we also offer a “subscription” service where all you need to do is input your email and the products you are interested in and the time-frame you would like “reminders” and our software will automatically email you say every 30 days with the lowest priced options from each site right to your email.  Then you simply click, right from your email, and you will be brought to our site and then click on which site you want to buy from.  So we remind you, you buy and it saves you even more time and money!

Thank You!

It is our mission to save you time so you can spend it on things you actually enjoy and save you money by offering an easy to see and use format to get the lowest price from various outlets.We also encourage feedback on our site or on items you would like to see offered so please feel free to email us at info@pricesteer.com and we will do our best to answer your questions and needs.  Again, we are in MVP development and are looking for “power” users and feedback.  We appreciate it!